What is Shepherds’ Guild?

It is a library of files that meet the following Five Criteria

  • Exegetically based
    *Demonstrable connection to the Scriptures seeking more to explain the Scriptures than simply ‘use’ the Scriptures
  • Theologically consistent
    *Roughly along the lines of “reformed”, “evangelical”, Westminster Confession, The Master’s Seminary and affiliates though no strict or formal association to TMS, “conservative”, “baptist”, “premillenial”, “dispensational” (within first criterion of Exegetically based, so no bizarre charts)
  • Pastorally useful
    *Originating from those in active ministry who have proven the usefulness of the file in ordinary church ministry
  • Free and free to use
    *The stated author for each file has personally compiled it and affirms that all copyrighted sources have been cited and the bulk of the file is free of copyright restrictions and available for any other saint to use for the spiritual benefit of one another
  • Small in size
    *File size is as small as possible to be accessible to ministers and congregations with limited internet connectivity too

In short, it is the collaborative work of pastors who wrote their own material to serve their congregations better, and are now sharing what they have used so that we do not all need to re-invent the wheel of practical, accessible, and trustworthy resources for the shepherding of the saints under our care.

Want to submit a resource?

  1. Check that it meets the above Five Criteria
  2. Ensure that the page size is A4, A5, or Letter
  3. Convert the file to PDF, keeping the file size below 1mb (unless it is a very lengthy document, then check with us first)
  4. Email the administrator the file and a short description of the resource and who the author is (admin@shepherdsguild.co.za)
  5. Accept the freedom of the administrator to decide whether or not to include the resources
    (Yes, right now it is only one administrator doing this with his own resources, but as it grows, a varied selection of administrators might throw the net a little wider)

Something not working? Suggestions for improvements?

Send me an email on admin@shepherdsguild.co.za

Thank you, and may the Lord bless this to His people!